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   RegainX is for health care professionals only, so you can rest assured that if you decide to become a model(volunteer patient) for treatments during any of our practical classes, the most experienced surgeons, GPs, Dentists, Nurses and Pharmacists only will be administering Botox and Dermal Fillers as injectables.

Due to the cost of the products we use, there will be a minimal charge to be paid in advance for models (volunteer patients) participating in injectable courses. We will keep you on our database for as long as you wish.

If you live in London or Manchester and are interested in reduced (up to 50%) aesthetic treatments carried out by professionals, take a look at our upcoming course dates.

RegainX trainers are UK’s leading aesthetic doctors and are highly experienced. Our tranees(ANPs) are closely monitored by trainers at all times in a safe and relaxing environment and we offer post-treatment after-care for our models too. If ready to apply ? Kindly fill the form so that one of our trainer will contact you for initial free consultation

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